Fresh taro root and fresh produce from Nicaragua

Fresh taro root for wholesale produce buyers. Exports of fresh taro root and other fresh vegetables from Nicaragua are priced very competitively. Fresh taro root is also called taro root or taro, and is classified as a root or tuber.

Colocasia esculenta is the scientific name for taro root, DASHEEN, Coco Isleņa. It is believed to be one of the earliest cultivated plants.

Where to buy taro root? You can buy fresh taro roots in your local supermarket. Costa Rica exports fresh taro root. Nicaragua exports fresh taro root. Ecuador exports fresh taro root. Brasil exports fresh taro root. Honduras exports fresh taro root. Dominican Republic exports fresh taro root. Panama exports fresh taro root. Mexico exports fresh taro root. Even China exports fresh taro root. The United States imports fresh taro root every day.

Xagro is an exporter of fresh taro root and freah produce from Nicaraguan. Xagro sells wholesale only to importers, distributors and large grocery chains.

World exports of fresh fruits and vegetables is a very competitive business.
Nicaragua agriculture provides wholesale buyers a competitive advantage when buying fresh roots and tubers.

Wholesale buyers demand consistent, quality fresh produce delivered on time. Xagro can deliver fresh fruits and vegetables from Nicaragua.

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XAGRO is a world exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables, roots and tubers from Nicaragua.